Asdem Construction adopts the following elements in its quality policy. In this direction, Asdem;

• Provides opportunities for its employees to develop themselves and take on new responsibilities. Under a top staff who is knowledgeable, experienced, honest and loving to its employees; It has a large technical staff that is open to learning, believes in the virtue of hard work and has solid basic knowledge. It adopts a management approach that will enable its employees to love their company, develop them by using their creative powers, and always keep their excitement at the highest level.

• Management team; It consists of people who have internalized the mission and vision of the company, work willingly, lovingly and adopting to achieve the goals, young, dynamic, free-thinking, open-minded, comprehending contemporary business principles, and believing in the power of sharing and being a team.

• It fully implements the requirements of the Quality Management System it has established and continuously improves its effectiveness.

• While doing all the work it undertakes, it provides the product that meets the customer demands and the current legal regulations on a regular basis.

• It assures its customers that it always produces products of the same quality that meets the requirements and legal regulations, and increases customer satisfaction by applying the system effectively.

• It constantly reviews its quality policy to ensure that it is suitable for the purposes of its companies.

• It continuously reviews and improves its targets, which it has created in line with its policy.

• It increases the competitive power of the company, which opens to international markets by carrying its domestic reputation and prestige abroad, without compromising on quality in different conditions and environments.

• He always performs every job he undertakes by using the same, best quality and most advanced technological facilities; Strives to be more successful each time.

• It creates an effective control and follow-up opportunity by using modern management information systems.