Our construction teams, working under the control of our experienced civil engineers and architects, especially in tunnel structures, carry out the works we undertake within the periods determined in the work program, using the latest construction techniques in accordance with the standards and projects, with their disciplined and regular work. All kinds of construction materials, equipment and labor suitable for the size and technical characteristics of the work to be done are delivered to the construction site for the continuation of the work without delay. Our construction site settlement is prepared under conditions suitable for occupational safety and worker health, and the living and working conditions of the employees are guaranteed. During our work, the environmental conditions are controlled and the necessary precautions are taken, and maximum care is taken not to adversely affect the environmental order from the work done. Architectural and static projects of the construction works we undertake are carried out free of charge by us. This provides a significant saving in construction investment costs.


1. Project Planning Services
-Design Management
-Preparation of Strategic Project Plan
-Preparation and Integration of the Project Management Plan

2. Project Realization Services
-Quotation Process Services
-Communication and Openness Management
-Quotation Services
-Contract Management
– Progress Control and Approval

3. Project Monitoring Services
-Daily Monitoring
-Weekly Monitoring and Meeting with Subcontractors and Suppliers
-Cost Control
-Work Schedule Control
-Project Plan Revisions (as needed)
-Preparation of Monthly Progress Reports
-Monitoring of Environmental Issues
-Monitoring Occupational Health and Safety Issues

4. Project Control Services
-Control of Structural Construction
-Control of Fine Structure Construction

5. Project Coordination Services
-General Project Coordination
-Document Management
-Management of Disputes in the Project
-Stakeholder Management